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Mar 11

Amazing Photoshop actions for building iOS 7 user interfaces

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 11/03/2014

Jérémy Paul posted a animated gif on Dribbble demonstrating a collection of Photoshop Actions to create iOS 7 iPhone mockups. No need to download a PSD and alter.
You can watch and read about the actions here

Jan 24

Apple - Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 24/01/2014

Thirty years ago, the Mac put the power of technology in everyone’s hands, launching a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This video celebrates some of those pioneers and the incredible impact they’ve made.

Apple - Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation

Feb 02

Espresso, html editor for designers

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 02/02/2011

Months ago, i bought a copy of Espresso, a html editor designed and made by Macrabbit, a Belgian company. Macrabbit is well-known for their award winning CSS application CSSEdit, a helpful application to help you visually make up your designs with CSS.

Sep 15

Cool iPhone and iPad apps for children

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 15/09/2010

Back to school ... that means homework mostly every evening of the week for my 2 boys (9 and 7). I try to make these homework moments as pleasant as possible and as short as possible. A short moment on the iPad or iPhone with a great app is guaranteed fun for the sons. A week ago, i search and found some real cool school apps in the iTunes apps store (most of them are only available in English). I share them here in a short overview:

Apr 16

Creating an iPhone icon for your website

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 16/04/2009

A quick way to navigate through websites on your iPhone is with custom icons. If you have a Home Screen on your iPhone dedicated to websites you frequently visit, it is nice when the website has a custom icon. So I decided to make a custom icon for this website. With just 1 line of code and a .png file the job is done.

Apr 06

iPhone tools for the webdesigner, part 2

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 06/04/2009

In the first part of iPhone tools for the webdesigner, I wrote about the tools I use on my iPhone as a webdesigner, tools that you can use for color, html, css, fonts, filesharing and printing from the iPhone. In this second part, I write about tools for social networking, podcasts for webdesigners and some handy utilities.

Mar 25

iPhone tools for the webdesigner, part 1

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 25/03/2009

From september till november 2008, I stayed in hospital and had 3 surgeries from an acute appendicitis. Sickness can never be avoided, but I can tell: it was a long period without my kids, without Tim and without my work. My stay wasn’t catastrophic for Bene, my self running business, thanks to our hospital and income assurance. It was in hospital that Tim bought me this wonderful present: a new iPhone 3G mobile phone. It was - and still is - a fantastic present: I was able to read my mail messages, visit websites, play games, read books, write notes, take pictures and so many more. The long, boring hours in hospital were a lot easier to carry since I got this iPhone. I realized what an amazing tool it really is (without mentioning battery life, of course).
Today, the iPhone is a valuable tool for my work as a webdesigner.
I sum up a few powerful tools for webdesigners for the iPhone.

Nov 07

CODA web development editor

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 07/11/2008

An (X)HTML/CSS editor is an important piece of software for me. As a webdesigner, I use editing software to build my websites every day. Recently I switched from Adobe Dreamweaver to Panic’s CODA for the Mac.

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