Feb 07

The era of the algorithm

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 07/02/2018

Inspiring talk by Josh Clark about the next era and outcomes of algorithms in our lives.

Nov 22

Inspiring talk by Tina Eisenberg aka Swissmiss

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 22/11/2017

This year at the Adobe MAX conference, Tina Eisenberg aka Swissmiss gave this inspiring talk:

Aug 20

Christoph Niemann: How to Overcome the 3 Fears Every Creative Faces

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 20/08/2017

In this 99U talk, illustrator Christoph Niemann shares his three biggest fears: the fear of not being good enough, the fear that our work will be irrelevant, and the fear of running out of ideas. Each of these cripple our process in different ways, but as Niemann explains (complete with hilarious illustrations), there are solutions we can apply to each.

Aug 18


Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 18/08/2017

Harry Frankfurt is an American philosopher and author of the New York Times Best Seller “On Bullshit”. Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, his theory on bullshit is more relevant than ever before.

Jul 03

Summer Break 2017

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 03/07/2017

Bene is taking a summer break!

Feb 06

SVG stroke made from beads

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 06/02/2017

A cool pen made by Yoksel on Codepen: create SVG strokes made from beads.

Jan 09

Powers of Ten

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 09/01/2017

Watch Charles & Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten, the 1977 Film That Put the Scale of the Universe into Brilliant Perspective.

Nov 11

Decorative Stitch Brushes

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 11/11/2016

For a client project, i created decorative borders in Illustrator. When this project was done, i decided to create a new collection of these decorative brushes for use on any vector element.
The brushes are made for vector border work, they have a shiny and decorative look and feel. The brushes are great to use for strokes in elements in illustrations.

Sep 14

Tutorial: How to Make Seamless Pattern Repeats in Adobe Illustrator

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 14/09/2016

Ever wondered how to create seamless patterns in Illustrator? This short video gives you short instructions on how to accomplish this. Video is by TheVectorLab

Sep 08

Drawing a map in Illustrator

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 08/09/2016

I'm currently in the drawing process of a map in Illustrator. In fact, it's a series of maps. The maps need to be in good print quality and also available online in a pdf. I searched for a good solution to cover both needs. Obviously, you go to Google Maps and take a screenshot of your map and location but this results in poor quality as the screenshot has a low resolution. I found some work arounds - i tried "my maps on Google" but the quality for print is not what i was looking for, it was poor quality and poor adjustment options.
So i decided to draw them myself in Adobe Illustrator with the Google Map as a template layer as a starting point.
I found some good, short video tutorials on how to create roads, rivers and labels in your maps:
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