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Mar 25

iPhone tools for the webdesigner, part 1

Posted by Benedikte Vanderwee├źn on 25/03/2009

From september till november 2008, I stayed in hospital and had 3 surgeries from an acute appendicitis. Sickness can never be avoided, but I can tell: it was a long period without my kids, without Tim and without my work. My stay wasn’t catastrophic for Bene, my self running business, thanks to our hospital and income assurance. It was in hospital that Tim bought me this wonderful present: a new iPhone 3G mobile phone. It was - and still is - a fantastic present: I was able to read my mail messages, visit websites, play games, read books, write notes, take pictures and so many more. The long, boring hours in hospital were a lot easier to carry since I got this iPhone. I realized what an amazing tool it really is (without mentioning battery life, of course).
Today, the iPhone is a valuable tool for my work as a webdesigner.
I sum up a few powerful tools for webdesigners for the iPhone.

Mar 13

Designing a website with a fluid, large background

Posted by Benedikte Vanderwee├źn on 13/03/2009

A closer look into the design method to create large background websites.
I was making a mock-up for a new website and started with an illustration. Sometimes an illustration can take a lot of attention so I decided to use a white body content and use the illustration as a background image. So here is my experience with the design and the xhtml + css design.

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