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Category: Email Marketing

May 23

BeneMailer screencast 1: How to create and send campaigns?

Posted by Tim Bertens on 23/05/2009

In this first screencast we demonstrate how easy it is to create and send mail campaign yourself using our mailmarketing platform BeneMailer

May 17

8 things you need to know about emailmarketing

Posted by Tim Bertens on 17/05/2009

Emailmarketing is an essential part of your marketing mix, send your nicely layouted message to your subscribers and monitor the results.  Some essentials you need to know about mailmarketing.

Dec 01

New version of BeneMailer, our mailmarketing platform

Posted by Tim Bertens on 01/12/2008

Today was a big day for BeneMailer.  Our mailmarketing tool has been upgraded and brought back to live this morning.  A short overview of new features you might find very useful

Nov 28

Going for the masses or for segmentation in emailmarketing

Posted by Tim Bertens on 28/11/2008

It is almost a philosophical question looking at it from a different angle: do you want to go for quality or for volume? It is certainly an aspect that is often forgotten when using a very powerful medium like the internet and especially email.  But it is so easy to mail half the globe, sir… Well you really shouldn’t, so reconsider and read on!

Nov 12

Understanding email open rates

Posted by Tim Bertens on 12/11/2008

Take full advantage of the reporting capabilities of email-marketing.  Find out what an open rate is, how it is measured and calculated, and whether your open rate is normal or not.

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