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Nov 11

Decorative Stitch Brushes

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 11/11/2016

For a client project, i created decorative borders in Illustrator. When this project was done, i decided to create a new collection of these decorative brushes for use on any vector element.
The brushes are made for vector border work, they have a shiny and decorative look and feel. The brushes are great to use for strokes in elements in illustrations.

Apr 28

Bister Brushes

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 28/04/2016

I was experimenting with scanned drawings in Illustrator, and this resulted in a new collection brushes I created.
These can be used to add some bister borders to illustrations.

The brushes are made for vector border work, they have a bister, brown ink look. The brushes are great to use for strokes in elements in illustrations. This is a set Bister Brushes and all illustrations come with the brushes applied.

May 14

The history of Adobe Illustrator

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 14/05/2014

Back in time: the first time i created a logo (sort of) on a Mac with Adobe Illustrator was late in the nineties in a friend's studio. It was my first experience with Illustrator and since then it has captured me till today in my daily work. My friend had her own studio at that time and I was eager to learn how she made all these beautiful stuff so i asked her to introduce me to the basics of drawing on a computer. It took me some time to learn these drawing skills and i am still finding new ways to accomplish certain drawing tasks but it quickly became a tool that i use on a daily basis. In that period of time, i used Freehand and learned most of vector drawing in that tool, later on i switched to Illustrator. I was watching these wonderful short movieclips about the history of Illustrator and want to share them with you - i particularly like the story about the logo and the Botticelli "The Birth of Venus" painting in the Chapter 2.

Apr 09

Creating text effects in Photoshop

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 09/04/2014

In this tutorial, i’m showing some text effects that can be applied using the effects panel in Photoshop. First, i’m giving some research tips and references, next i’ll show the final result of the text effect and give step-by-step instructions on how to apply the text effects. Resources, fonts and textures that are showcased in the effects are listed at the end in References.

Mar 14


Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 14/03/2014

RetroInk is a massive Illustrator pack with a bundle of Graphic Styles from RetroSupply. These add-ons can be used for textures, for type, brushes, swatches etc.. I bought this huge Illustrator Kit from Creative Market and am experimenting with it now. It looks a great way to spice up your designs.

Mar 13

Font Men

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 13/03/2014

Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones: before their recent split, they collectively ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

Aug 31

Interview with font designer Xavier Dupré

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 31/08/2010

A couple of months ago, i got an e-mail from Xavier Dupré asking if he could feature one of my works on his website to showcase the use of his FF Masala font

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