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May 21


Great looking patterns for download or inspiration.   http://pattern8.com/

May 17

40 Beautiful Sites Designed in Blue

Bene website featured on 10 steps, "40 beautiful sites designed in blue"   http://10steps.sg/artworks/40-beautiful-sites-designed-in-blue/

May 16

Reinterpret the fairytale Little red ridning hood (Vimeo video)

School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little red ridning hood. Inspired by Röyksopps Remind me.   http://vimeo.com/3514904

May 15

Pattern Tap

Collections to find your favorite design elements   http://patterntap.com/

May 07

What’s Golden

Jason Santa Maria discusses the use of the Golden Section in webdesign. Interesting article on what principles apply to webdesign and traditional design.   http://jasonsantamaria.com/articles/whats-golden/

May 04

All content from FOWD London 2009

All content from FOWD London 2009   http://events.carsonified.com/fowd/2009/London/content

May 04

Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard

Slides from the talk on Future Of Webdesign 2009 by Mike Kus. Impressive work!   http://www.slideshare.net/mikekus/graphic-design-the-forgotten-web-standard

Apr 29

Faveup becomes Creattica

The popular showcase website Faveup has changed in Creattica. Create a profile on the website and submit your work. Good inspiration source.   http://creattica.com/

Apr 27

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse

Good tips for enhancing your creativity by Frank Chimero   http://www.aisleone.net/2009/design/10-principles/

Apr 24

Five Types of Effective Headers in Web Design

Showcase of effective headers in webdesign by Six Revisions.   http://sixrevisions.com/web_design/five-types-of-effective-headers-in-web-design/

Apr 22

Grid System Generator

Handy tool for calculating grids for website layouts. Based on the CSS framework of 960s. (via SquaredEye)   http://www.gridsystemgenerator.com/

Apr 19


Beautiful magazine for the creative and curious!   http://www.uppercasegallery.ca/

Apr 16

We love typography

WLT is an image, video, & text ‘bookmarking’ site that is wholly dedicated to type-related content. Think of it as a type-centric and visional delicious, if you like. Membership is by invitation only.   http://welovetypography.com/

Mar 29

30 awesome design enhancing jquery plugins

Collection of 30 design enhancing jQuery plugins   http://line25.com/articles/30-awesome-design-enhancing-jquery-plugins

Mar 26

Water color illustrations

Nice collection of water color illustrations by Jenny M. on Flickr.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/jen7/sets/72157601334024517/

Mar 17

Google Doodle

A little bit background information on the Google logo doodler.   http://www.google.ie/doodle4google/doodler.html

Mar 13

Wireframe Stencils

Overview of shapes for making wireframes, it consists of most of the basic elements you'll need to create user interface specifications.   http://konigi.com/tools/omnigraffle-wireframe-stencils

Mar 09

Bene webdesign on CSS Glance

Our website was featured on CSS Glance. Thanks xx   http://www.cssglance.com/gallery/bene/

Feb 15

But does it float

Huge collection of inspiring images, art related, graphic design related, scientific related. Very inspirational place.   http://butdoesitfloat.com/

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