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Oct 06

A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources

A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources   http://speckyboy.com/2009/11/23/a-collection-of-useful-web-design-wireframing-resources/

Sep 15

Lost World’s fairs

A beautifully illustrated website to showcase the new font capabilities of Internet Explorer 9.   http://lostworldsfairs.com/

Aug 31

an HTML5 interactive infographic

Excellent use of CSS3 in combination with HTML5 to showcase the use of Dribbble.   http://lab.4muladesign.com/dribbble/

Aug 13

Designing for the mind

Do you know what makes a design good? Interesting read about the way we "look" at design   http://designinformer.com/designing-mind/

Aug 05

10K Apart

Inspire the web with just 10K. Interesting competition: submit your application under 10K.   http://10k.aneventapart.com/

Aug 03

Many Mirrors

About the design process of the Kaleidoscope app logo   http://www.madebysofa.com/blog/kaleidoscope/

Jul 18


Lovely vintage graphic Flickr set   http://www.flickr.com/photos/maptitefabrique/sets/72157623230193902/with/4777524408/

Jul 15


Nice collection of workspaces, art studios, craft rooms, offices ... great inspiration   http://homewrk.tumblr.com/

Jun 03


Compare files with Kaleidoscope.   http://www.kaleidoscopeapp.com/

May 17

LiveView for iPhone and iPad

Interesting tool for designers, testing on your mac while viewing on the iPhone   http://www.zambetti.com/projects/liveview/

May 02

Design To Communicate

Beautiful slides from Simon Collison's presentation on the DIBI conference.   http://colly.com/comments/design_to_communicate/

Apr 27

étiquettes boissons

Nice Flickr set with a collection of drink labels   http://www.flickr.com/photos/taffeta/sets/72157623775095705/

Mar 26

Control Panel

Some excellent pictures of Control Panel details (a Flickr group by Stewf)   http://www.flickr.com/groups/controlpanel/discuss/72157602799663194/

Mar 18

Letters, the round parts

Before&After article about the round parts in letters and optical illusion, also a free font download (at the bottom of the article)   http://www.mcwade.com/DesignTalk/2010/03/letters-the-round-parts/

Mar 02

Little box of ideas

Little box of ideas featured my blogpost about the redesign of IBBT logo on her post: 15 Fresh Logo Design Processes That Teach Volumes   http://www.littleboxofideas.com/blog/features/15-fresh-logo-design-processes-that-teach-volumes

Feb 12

Rebranding Valentine’s day

Great read on Rebranding Valentine's day   http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/studio_360_challenge_redesign_valentines_day.php

Feb 10

Matthew Lyons

Illustrations from the very talented Matthew Lyons.   http://www.matthew-lyons.blogspot.com/

Feb 04

A heart a day

A blog of love. A blog of hate. An image a day. Always a heart   http://www.aheartaday.com

Feb 03

Colly’s new blog design

Simon Collison (re)designed his blog, a beautiful piece of art.   http://www.colly.com

Jan 17

40 Excellent Websites Showcasing Expression Engine

A collection of 40 excellent websites showcasing Expression Engine.   http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/01/40-excellent-websites-showcasing-expression-engine/

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