Daily Links

Jan 30

Responsive CP

Responsive CP is a custom ExpressionEngine theme that makes your control panel work better with mobile devices as well as look more professional. It also allows you to easily add your logo to the bottom of the control panel (good for branding client sites).   http://www.putyourlightson.net/responsive-cp

Jan 25

HTML 5 Please

Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them – with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are   http://html5please.us/

Jan 24

The Noun Project

The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way.   http://thenounproject.com/

Jan 22

When we build

Great conference talk by designer Wilson Miner at Build 2011   http://vimeo.com/34017777

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