Daily Links

Aug 31

an HTML5 interactive infographic

Excellent use of CSS3 in combination with HTML5 to showcase the use of Dribbble.   http://lab.4muladesign.com/dribbble/

Aug 26

iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display) and iPad GUI PSD

2 Photoshop templates available for download : 1 for the iPhone 4 and 1 for the iPad.   http://www.teehanlax.com/blog/2010/08/12/iphone-4-gui-psd-retina-display/

Aug 13

Designing for the mind

Do you know what makes a design good? Interesting read about the way we "look" at design   http://designinformer.com/designing-mind/

Aug 05

10K Apart

Inspire the web with just 10K. Interesting competition: submit your application under 10K.   http://10k.aneventapart.com/

Aug 03

Many Mirrors

About the design process of the Kaleidoscope app logo   http://www.madebysofa.com/blog/kaleidoscope/

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