Daily Links

Mar 26

Control Panel

Some excellent pictures of Control Panel details (a Flickr group by Stewf)   http://www.flickr.com/groups/controlpanel/discuss/72157602799663194/

Mar 18

Letters, the round parts

Before&After article about the round parts in letters and optical illusion, also a free font download (at the bottom of the article)   http://www.mcwade.com/DesignTalk/2010/03/letters-the-round-parts/

Mar 10


Laterstars make twitter faves useful - gathers all links from your faves to read later, currently in beta   http://laterstars.com/

Mar 05

DIBI Web Conference

Webdesign conference with a great speakers list: Andy Clarke, Tim Van Damme, Jina Bolton, Simon Collison, and many more. Web designers with great talent and inspiring people.   http://www.dibiconference.com/

Mar 04


#grid is a layout grid that inserts into your webpages. You can toggle between displaying it in the foreground and background. Looks like a handy tool when designing in the browser.   http://hashgrid.com/

Mar 02

Little box of ideas

Little box of ideas featured my blogpost about the redesign of IBBT logo on her post: 15 Fresh Logo Design Processes That Teach Volumes   http://www.littleboxofideas.com/blog/features/15-fresh-logo-design-processes-that-teach-volumes

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