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May 04

Dirk Zoete exhibition in SMAK

Exhibition of contemporary artist Dirk Zoete in SMAK, Gent   http://smak.be/en/exhibition/10978

May 24

Learning to speak Designer

Talk from Google I/O 2016 about the design vocabulary: keylines, jank, bleeds, affordances and more. To collaborate successfully, you first have to be able to speak a common language.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80hrknwD74Q

Apr 26

Learn Responsive Design

10 weeks of hands-on training by Zurb University   http://zurb.com/university/responsive-design?

Nov 26

Build Conference in Belfast

Voor Creativeskills.be schreef ik een verslag van de Build Conference in Belfast.   http://creativeskills.be/articles/build-conference-in-belfast/

Nov 09


If you can't be there, be square   http://www.besquare.me/

Apr 16

Build Conference

This year, i'm going to Build conference in Belfast. A great conference for web designers. Can't wait ...   http://2012.buildconf.com/

Dec 08

An interview with Simon Collison

Simon Collison talks about his activities as designer, thinker, writer, speaker and conference organizer   http://expressionengine.com/blog/entry/an_interview_with_simon_collison

Feb 01

The shape of design

Frank Chimero's talk on the Build 2010 Conference. I like this talk especially because Frank touches the essence of the creative person in the design process. Also interesting points about the current state of the internet designs, the future and what we as creatives can do.   http://vimeo.com/17084347

Oct 11

The Big Web Show: Dan Cederholm

Great interview with Dan Cederholm about design projects, Dribbble and publishing.   http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow/22

Mar 05

DIBI Web Conference

Webdesign conference with a great speakers list: Andy Clarke, Tim Van Damme, Jina Bolton, Simon Collison, and many more. Web designers with great talent and inspiring people.   http://www.dibiconference.com/

Jan 13

ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference

EECI will be held in San Francisco, May 31 - June 2, 2010. Lots of brilliant speakers on the list...   http://www.eeci2010.com/

Dec 06

Design at work

International trade show about visualising innovation, design and product development of materials, products or services. 9 - 10 december 2009, Kortrijk XPO Belgium   http://www.designatwork.be/

Dec 02

Creative Mornings

'CreativeMornings' is a monthly morning gathering of creative types. A collection of video's on Vimeo. creativemornings.com   http://vimeo.com/creativemornings

Oct 28

EECI 2009 slideshows

Slideshare overview of the EECI 2009 presentations.   http://ow.ly/wAOL

Oct 27

Matthew Pennell’s photoset

Matthew Pennell's photos of talks and attendees at the first ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter conference, 22-23 October 2009 in Leiden, The Netherlands.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewatchmakerproject/sets/72157622651293654/

Jul 03

ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference

Bene will attend the European ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter (the CMS we use for most of our projects) at Leiden, Netherlands on 22 - 23 October 09.   http://www.eeci2009.com/

May 04

All content from FOWD London 2009

All content from FOWD London 2009   http://events.carsonified.com/fowd/2009/London/content

Apr 17

FOWD Slide Competition

Vote for the best slide on Carsonified. The best slide will be shown on the FOWD 2009 conference.   http://www.carsonified.com/fowd/fowa-slide-comp-voting-open

Mar 12

INCA Award for creative minds

IBBT is launching a competition to promote and reward user-driven innovation for public benefit: the INCA AWARD. € 20 000 of total prize money!   http://www.inca-award.be/

Feb 10

Adobe Business Exchange 2009

Interesting business day at Bozar, Brussels. Introduction and demo's of Adobe Livecycle and the new Acrobat 9.   http://www.abe2009.be/

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