Daily Links

Feb 18

CSS drop-shadows without images

CSS techniques and a demo of drop-shadows without images   http://nicolasgallagher.com/css-drop-shadows-without-images/demo/

Feb 15

Japanese graphic design

Japanese graphic design from the 1920s-30s, great collection (via Twitter @BibliOdyssey)   http://pinktentacle.com/2011/02/japanese-graphic-design-from-the-1920s-30s/

Feb 11


FontShop offers an opportunity to win your favorite typefaces: declare your love for a typeface and you could win an official single license to four (4) weights/styles of that typeface.   http://fontfeed.com/archives/valentype-testify-and-win-the-typeface-you-love/

Feb 04

Favorite Fonts from Veer

Nice collection of favorite fonts of 2010 by Veer's creative team.   http://www.veer.com/ideas/galleries/staffpicks2010/

Feb 02

This is the end

Great collection of Warner Bros "The End" title screen - from the collection of movie title stills.   http://www.annyas.com/screenshots/the-end-titles-warner-bros/

Feb 01

The shape of design

Frank Chimero's talk on the Build 2010 Conference. I like this talk especially because Frank touches the essence of the creative person in the design process. Also interesting points about the current state of the internet designs, the future and what we as creatives can do.   http://vimeo.com/17084347

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