Daily Links

Feb 26

The missing font generator

FontPrep is a font generator for TTF and OTF font files. It generates the font-formats for the web.   http://fontprep.com

Feb 21

Cabel Sasser talk

Amazing talk by Cabel Sasser from Panic at the XOXO Festival (2013). Appreciating Coda 2 even more after his honest speech.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZXWdR7RzV8

Feb 17

iOS Icon Gallery

Beautiful gallery with iOS icons. Original!   http://iosicongallery.com

Feb 13

Printable iPhone 5 Templates

Printable sheets of iPhone 5 templates collection by Matthew Stephens, nice to have!   http://www.matthewstephens.com

Feb 13

Illustration concept art

Great Pinterest board with a collection of concept art for famous movies.   http://www.pinterest.com/hernanrodenstei/ilustracion-infantil-concept-art/

Feb 12

Getting started with pattern libraries

Excellent article in which Anna Debenham explains the work she did for the ALA pattern library. She also gives a link to her own bookmarks for pattern libraries: Gimme Bar collection of pattern libraries   http://alistapart.com/blog/post/getting-started-with-pattern-libraries

Feb 10

iOS 7 Colors

iOS 7 inspired colors and gradients reference site   ios7colors.com

Feb 02

Pattern Library

Excellent style guide/pattern library reference Code For America.   http://style.codeforamerica.org

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