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Jul 01

The magic of css

The magic of css - interesting online book by Adam Schwartz

Jun 20

Photoshop script for export to SVG

Free photoshop script: Export your vector layers from PS to SVG in a single click!

Apr 28

One Feed For All Your Interests

Interesting read and case study analysis about Prismatic

Apr 27


Good article about the design and new visual identity for Codeacademy made by Pentagram

Apr 26

Learn Responsive Design

10 weeks of hands-on training by Zurb University

Apr 25

Type Scale

Type scale is a handy online tool for Visual Type scale with a CSS generator - made by Jeremy Church

Apr 23

Making use of art brushes in Illustrator

If you are a daily Illustrator user, good tutorials on how to use the brushes are always more than welcome - this one is a good one on how to use the art brushes.

Apr 21

Snap SVG

Snap.svg is a brand new JavaScript library for working with SVG, for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap.

Mar 13

Code guide

Code guide - Standards for developing flexible, durable and sustainable HTML and CSS written by @mdo.

Mar 11

CSS Linear, Radial and Repeating Gradients

Using gradients declared in CSS. Great article explaining why.

Mar 10


Article by Trent Walton about responsive design

Feb 26

The missing font generator

FontPrep is a font generator for TTF and OTF font files. It generates the font-formats for the web.

Feb 21

Cabel Sasser talk

Amazing talk by Cabel Sasser from Panic at the XOXO Festival (2013). Appreciating Coda 2 even more after his honest speech.

Feb 17

iOS Icon Gallery

Beautiful gallery with iOS icons. Original!

Feb 13

Printable iPhone 5 Templates

Printable sheets of iPhone 5 templates collection by Matthew Stephens, nice to have!

Feb 13

Illustration concept art

Great Pinterest board with a collection of concept art for famous movies.

Feb 12

Getting started with pattern libraries

Excellent article in which Anna Debenham explains the work she did for the ALA pattern library. She also gives a link to her own bookmarks for pattern libraries: Gimme Bar collection of pattern libraries

Feb 10

iOS 7 Colors

iOS 7 inspired colors and gradients reference site

Feb 02

Pattern Library

Excellent style guide/pattern library reference Code For America.

Dec 06


Collection of background images
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