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Feb 21

Cabel Sasser talk

Amazing talk by Cabel Sasser from Panic at the XOXO Festival (2013). Appreciating Coda 2 even more after his honest speech.

Feb 17

iOS Icon Gallery

Beautiful gallery with iOS icons. Original!

Feb 13

Printable iPhone 5 Templates

Printable sheets of iPhone 5 templates collection by Matthew Stephens, nice to have!

Feb 13

Illustration concept art

Great Pinterest board with a collection of concept art for famous movies.

Feb 12

Getting started with pattern libraries

Excellent article in which Anna Debenham explains the work she did for the ALA pattern library. She also gives a link to her own bookmarks for pattern libraries: Gimme Bar collection of pattern libraries

Feb 10

iOS 7 Colors

iOS 7 inspired colors and gradients reference site

Feb 02

Pattern Library

Excellent style guide/pattern library reference Code For America.

Dec 06


Collection of background images

Dec 04


Ixxi is a unique design system to link cards with plastic crosses to one image. Upload your favorite image and choose a design product

Nov 19

Browser Sketch Sheets

Collection of browser Sketch Sheets
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