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Mar 24

Design Responsive Websites Visually

Webflow enables you to create responsive layouts and pixel-perfect designs directly in your browser, without writing a single line of code.   http://webflow.com/?kid=130SA

Mar 24

Basic Ready-to-Use CSS Styles

Some basic and useful style snippets   http://tympanus.net/Tutorials/BasicReadyToUseCSSStyles/

Mar 24

Craft is a new cms from Pixel & Tonic

The new cms from Pixel & Tonic is here! Download Craft from the website:   http://buildwithcraft.com/

Mar 23


dabblet is an interactive playground for quickly testing snippets of CSS and HTML code   http://dabblet.com/

Mar 08


Glyph is a hand-drawn icon set containing 800 icons from a variety of shapes and categories. This is designed to create a simple looking set that can fit into every project.   http://www.iconeden.com/icon/glyph-vector-icon.html

Feb 22

Windows of New York

The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated site by José Guizar of countless steps through the city streets looking at windows. Amazingly beautiful!   http://www.windowsofnewyork.com/

Jan 08

The Toolkit

Useful links from a group of folks building web and mobile products.   https://www.makesets.com/the-toolkit

Jan 03

Kirby - CMS

Kirby is a small and file-based cms. Easy to setup, easy to use and flexible as hell   http://getkirby.com/

Dec 07

Style Manual

A reference document by Andy Taylor.   http://stylemanual.org/

Dec 06

Top 50 books for web designers and developers

Overview of essential books for web designers and developers.   http://www.netmagazine.com/features/top-50-books-web-designers-and-developers

Dec 04


Super nice collection of 300 icons designed by Adam Whitcroft   http://adamwhitcroft.com/batch/

Nov 26

Build Conference in Belfast

Voor Creativeskills.be schreef ik een verslag van de Build Conference in Belfast.   http://creativeskills.be/articles/build-conference-in-belfast/

Nov 23

Cameron Moll

Honest interview by Cameron Moll about his career path combined with his family life. Great read!   http://thegreatdiscontent.com/cameron-moll

Nov 09


Blocks is a new cms made by Pixel and Tonic. They describe it as "Get ready for the next generation of content management". Read more about it on the Pixel and Tonic blog http://pixelandtonic.com/blog/what-is-blocks   http://blockscms.com

Nov 09


If you can't be there, be square   http://www.besquare.me/

Nov 08


Icons Guide helps you to find the best stock icons shop you are looking for. Here is a list of all major high-quality icon shops to compare their offers at one place.   http://www.iconsguide.com

Nov 08


Minicons are 1500 icons, unlimited creativity   http://www.webalys.com/minicons/index.php

Nov 03

Pixel Ruler

The ultimate tool for responsive screen size sketching. Heavy-duty gauge stainless steel ruler with pixel increments. Markers for mobile, tablet and widescreen (laptop) sizing.   http://www.uistencils.com/products/pixel-ruler

Nov 02

WebZap Photoshop Plugin

Create web page mockups with WebZap.   http://webzap.uiparade.com

Nov 01

Make Content Sticky on Scroll, to a Point

jQuery Stick ’em: Make Content Sticky on Scroll, to a Point   http://viget.com/inspire/jquery-stick-em

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