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Dec 02

Creative Mornings

'CreativeMornings' is a monthly morning gathering of creative types. A collection of video's on Vimeo. creativemornings.com   http://vimeo.com/creativemornings

Nov 30

Myths & Misconceptions About Grid Systems

A few myths and misconceptions about grids exist in the design community   http://www.aisleone.net/2009/design/myths-misconceptions-about-grid-systems/

Nov 20

On Web Typography

On Web Typography by Jason Santa Maria.   http://www.alistapart.com/articles/on-web-typography

Nov 17

Web Font Specimen

See how type looks on the web! A specimen to add, test and look how your fonts will look in a webpage. By Tim Brown   http://webfontspecimen.com/

Nov 14

Bauhaus Ideology and the Future of Web Design

insightful analysis and parallel between the web design practice and the art movement Bauhaus, written by Simon Collison   http://colly.com/comments/bauhaus_ideology_and_the_future_of_web_design/

Oct 12

21 Awesome @font-face Embeddable Typefaces

Using the @font-face CSS property and check out some typefaces you can use with @font-face   http://spyrestudios.com/21-awesome-font-face-embedable-typefaces/

Aug 18

Type Daily

Type Daily is a collection or aggregation of type-related content on the web. All content is scooped up via RSS, so this page will always display the latest, freshest content.   http://typedaily.com/

Jul 31

Skype Logo and Brand Guidelines

Manual and brand guidelines from Skype.   http://logoblink.com/2009/02/13/skype-logo-and-brand-guidelines/

Jul 29

Logo Blink

A blog fully dedicated to logotypes, marks and brand indentity   http://logoblink.com/

Jul 28

Swiss Graphic design

Interesting article about Swiss Style Graphic Design on Smashing Magazine.   http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/07/17/lessons-from-swiss-style-graphic-design/

Jun 30

beautiful fonts with @font-face

Today, Firefox 3.5 introduces the CSS font-face rule. You can now link to TrueType and OpenType fonts from within your stylesheet.   http://hacks.mozilla.org/2009/06/beautiful-fonts-with-font-face/

Jun 29

Web fonts now (how we’re doing with that)

Nice article about the current state of font using in webdesign by Jeffrey Zeldman   http://www.zeldman.com/2009/05/23/web-fonts-now-how-were-doing-with-that/

May 06


Resource website for print designers.   http://www.printernational.org/

Apr 20

Erik Spiekermanns typo tips

Erik Spiekerman giving some useful tips on typography on the FontFeed   http://fontfeed.com/archives/erik-spiekermanns-typo-tips/

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