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Apr 29

Faveup becomes Creattica

The popular showcase website Faveup has changed in Creattica. Create a profile on the website and submit your work. Good inspiration source.   http://creattica.com/

Apr 27

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better or May Make It Worse

Good tips for enhancing your creativity by Frank Chimero   http://www.aisleone.net/2009/design/10-principles/

Mar 26

Water color illustrations

Nice collection of water color illustrations by Jenny M. on Flickr.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/jen7/sets/72157601334024517/

Mar 18

Illustrator Help

Portal website from Adobe for Illustrator help and support   http://www.adobe.com/support/illustrator/

Mar 17

Google Doodle

A little bit background information on the Google logo doodler.   http://www.google.ie/doodle4google/doodler.html

Mar 10

40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials and Techniques

40 tutorials on how to draw 3D objects with Adobe Illustrator.   http://sixrevisions.com/tutorials/40-useful-adobe-illustrator-3d-tutorials-and-techniques/

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