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Jan 11

The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient Adobe Illustrator Users

Seven ways you can automate or eliminate monotonous, repetitive tasks, so you can focus on being more creative and productive.   http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-7-habits-of-highly-efficient-adobe-illustator-users--cms-22437

Jan 01

Get started with Adobe Color CC

Learn how to use Adobe Color, formerly Kuler, to capture and create inspiring color themes that can be used right away in other Adobe desktop and mobile apps.   https://helpx.adobe.com/mobile-apps/how-to/adobe-color-get-started.html?set=indesign--fundamentals--apply-color

Apr 27


Good article about the design and new visual identity for Codeacademy made by Pentagram   http://new.pentagram.com/2014/04/new-work-codecademy/

Apr 25

Type Scale

Type scale is a handy online tool for Visual Type scale with a CSS generator - made by Jeremy Church   http://type-scale.com/

Apr 23

Making use of art brushes in Illustrator

If you are a daily Illustrator user, good tutorials on how to use the brushes are always more than welcome - this one is a good one on how to use the art brushes.   http://sivioco.com/blog/making-use-of-art-brushes-in-illustrator

Dec 06


Collection of background images   http://graphicburger.com/backgrounds/

Oct 31

Paula Scher on the Great Discontent

Paula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design for four decades ...   http://thegreatdiscontent.com/paula-scher

Sep 19

Finding the hidden talents of everyday things

Interesting talk by the talented graphic designer Kelli Anderson on Webstock   http://www.webstock.org.nz/talks/finding-the-hidden-talents-of-everyday-things/

Aug 18

Open Brand

A brand service described as a smart home for all your logos, designs and other creative stuff.   https://openbrand.com

Jul 07

iOS 7 Icons for Free

Collection of iOS7 icons.   http://icons8.com/free-ios-7-icons-in-vector/

Jun 06

Google Visual Assets Guidelines

Google's brand explained in detailed visual assets on Behance.   http://www.behance.net/gallery/Google-Visual-Assets-Guidelines-Part-1/9028077

Mar 24

Free typographic wall calendar

Typographic Wall Calendar by @AsenPetrov available for print. Download PDF (in eps format) from here:   http://www.asenpetrov.com/calendar.pdf

Mar 08


Glyph is a hand-drawn icon set containing 800 icons from a variety of shapes and categories. This is designed to create a simple looking set that can fit into every project.   http://www.iconeden.com/icon/glyph-vector-icon.html

Feb 22

Windows of New York

The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated site by José Guizar of countless steps through the city streets looking at windows. Amazingly beautiful!   http://www.windowsofnewyork.com/

Nov 24

Brand identity style guides from around the world

A huge reference list of brand indentity style guides.   http://www.logodesignlove.com/brand-identity-style-guides

Nov 08


Icons Guide helps you to find the best stock icons shop you are looking for. Here is a list of all major high-quality icon shops to compare their offers at one place.   http://www.iconsguide.com

Nov 02

WebZap Photoshop Plugin

Create web page mockups with WebZap.   http://webzap.uiparade.com

Nov 01


Designspiration is a nice collection of inspiring images searchable by color, trending topic and keywords.   http://designspiration.net

Sep 07

Designing for Retina

Detailed overview of the process for designing for Retina displays by Realmac Software   http://realmacsoftware.com/blog/designing-for-retina

Sep 06


Responsify is a browser based tool, which allows you to create your own responsive template. Think of it as a foundation for you to build upon. You can customise the grid to suit your content, rather than trying to make the content fit the grid.   http://responsify.it/

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