We are passionate about creating beautiful, professional designs, adhering to the world web standards guidelines to develop the very best and future proof solutions for our clients. Benefits for your site using these web standards:

  • Faster loading pages due to tableless design.
  • Highly accessible sites. Not only does this mean allowing the website to be used by people with disabilities, but also allowing web pages to be understood by people using browsers other than the usual ones - including voice browsers that read web pages aloud to people with sight impairments, Braille browsers that translate text into Braille, hand-held browsers with very little monitor space, teletext displays, and other unusual output devices. This results in your web site reaching a far wider audience.
  • Improved search engine ranking by search engines due to cleaner, accurate code which in turn creates better search optimisation for your business online. The structural information present in compliant pages makes it easy for search engines to access and evaluate the information in those documents, and they get indexed more accurately.
  • Well written validated code creates better cross compatibility with browsers so your site is viewed and functions as it was intended. Most web standards are generally designed with forward- and backward-compatibility in mind — so that data using old versions of the standards will continue to work in new browsers, and data using new versions of the standards will “gracefully degrade” to produce an acceptable result in older browsers. Also this results in less maintenance time spent updating website pages
  • Web standards designs deliver long-term viability for browser versions, are future proof, accessible to more people on more types of internet devices e.g. mobiles, PDAs, TV's and function in the correct manner on existing and evolving technologies.