SEO & Analytics


SEO or search engine optimization is the ongoing process of designing, writing and coding your website to maximize the chance that its pages appear at the top of the “organic” search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search and many others. More detailed information on SEO can be found in our our blog about Search engine optimization

How can BENE help you with SEO?

  • We know what works (without using filthy, short term tricks) read our articles about Search Engine Optimization because a lot of valuable work you can do yourself (if you want to)
  • We measure and analyse the results of the optimization using advanced software to monitor the search results and the position of certain keywords on frequent basis
  • The websites and the CMS (content management systems) we use, are optimized for the best seach engine results


To measure is to know, an old time saying but relevant as ever! You don't know what you should be doing if you don't measure the success or failure of what you're doing. Measurement is the most important, yet least utilized aspect of any marketing program.

There some very good tools on the market that can help in analyzing your website visitors. Over 7 years ago we've selected a tool called Urchin to be our main analytics software because we found it was the best in its segment. A few years later (march 2005 to be specific) Google acquired Urchin for the same reason and it was rebranded to Google Analytics.

How can BENE help you with Website Analytics?

  • We have a broad experience in Urchin (now known as Google Analytics)
  • We can help you in setting up Google Analytics and defining your convertion targets, funnels, setting up filters and take away all the technical burden
  • We explain how to read the reports and deliver them to your mailbox