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The redesign process of the IBBT logo

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 28/02/2010 at 03:47 PM   (12) Comments -

Some months ago, IBBT approached me for the redesign of their existing logo. IBBT decided to renew their existing identity inclusive their existing website and stationery and other printed and digital material. But lets start with the redesign of their logo. I’ll give you a detailed look at how i approached this project:

Who is IBBT?

IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology) is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation.

The IBBT mission

The creation of highly competent human capital through interdisciplinary demand driven basic research, aimed at ICT and broad band services in collaboration with companies and government.

The creative brief


The main aspect of their brief was to redesign their logo with the same primary color but with another font. The keywords for the new logo approach: international, excellence, sexy, prestigious, making a difference, quality of life, driving force, …

The focus of the redesign was that every aspect had to be simplified. There had to be a clear line through all the communication. IBBT is not a commercial institute and this had to be reflected in the housestyle. The Magenta color of the logo had to be conserved and couldn't be changed. The existing logo had a baseline that also had to be renewed.


Getting started

I started by sketching over the existing logo. The more I draw, the more ideas start to flow and the more i start to enjoy the redesign process. I show a few of the many, many drawings i made for this project:

sketch logo 1

sketch logo 2

sketch logo 3

sketch logo 4

sketch logo 5

sketch logo 6

sketch logo 7

sketch logo 8

Developing a concept

Concept thinking comes when drawing. The more I draft and doodle, the more ideas i have. I can't think of a concept before I start drawing. The concept that was finally chosen was the idea of "a ray of light". The different gradients that are used are 6 tints of the same color Pantone Rubine Red.

Font use

The logo readability had to be augmented and IBBT asked me explicitly to use a Sans Serif font, good readable and round font. The font had to be good for print and for web. I searched for good fonts and ultimately chose for Gotham Rounded from the foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones and Chalet London 1970 from the foundry House Industries

Gotham Rounded

I used Gotham Rounded for the baseline: connect.innovate.create

font Gotham Rounded

Chalet London 1970

For the name "ibbt", i used the Chalet London font for optimal readability. It is also a font that is simple and beautiful to look at.

font Chalet


Some final proposals

I did a lot of tweaking on the proposals, here you can see a few of the proposals with different concept i presented to IBBT:

proposal logo 1

proposal logo 2

proposal logo 3

proposal logo 4

proposal logo 5

proposal logo 6

The final approved logo

Final logo

the new IBBT logo

Black and white version

grayscale logo

Logo guidelines

web-style guide

IBBT also asked me to design and write 2 different style guides: 1 with the guidelines for web and 1 guide with styles for print. Because the new website will be developed by another webcompany Netlash, I had to make sure that all the colors, the styles and the logo use were described in detail.

Selected colors

1 color could not be changed, the logo color, the brief stated that this color had to remain the same, the pink Pantone Rubine Red Coated. A new color palette had to be chosen in harmony with the logo. I decided to choose 5 bright colors and per color 5 tints. I decided to choose 5 Pantone colors: a green Pantone (376C), a yellow (130C), a red Pantone (032C), a blue Pantone (Process Cyan) and a purple color (Violet C)

Pantone colors

RGB colors

Designing the stationery

The stationery and other printed material is also designed and almost ready. I will cover this process in the following posts. This covers the design of icons, brochures, flyers, leaflets, stationery, the business cards, posters, Word document and Keynote presentation and other materials.

Flickr Set

You can also view other sketches and doodles on a Flickr set I created for the IBBT logo: IBBT Logo

Readers Comments

1. Andrea

on 28 February, 2010
at 10:34 PM

avatar Bene

I came here via a post on facebook from a colleague. What a nice walk through your design process, thanks for sharing.

2. Erwin Heiser

on 01 March, 2010
at 12:49 AM

avatar Bene

Mooi werk, de kleurvlakken naast de tekst doen mij denken aan licht dat door een raam breekt, een mooie analogie met inovatie.
Een hele verbetering t.o.v. het vorige logo smile

3. fredegre

on 01 March, 2010
at 09:10 AM

avatar Bene

Inderdaad heel interessant om dat eens te kunnen volgen. Zelf ontbeer ik elk, maar dan ook élk tekentalent, dus ik vind ik het tegelijk boeiend en frustrerend om mensen bezig zien die wel over grafische kwaliteiten beschikken… grin

4. Mark Ewans

on 01 March, 2010
at 05:45 PM

avatar Bene

This is just another reason why I like your website. I like your style of writing you tell your stories without out sending us to 5 other sites to complete the story.

5. Benedikte Vanderweeën

on 02 March, 2010
at 10:18 AM

avatar Bene

dank je.

6. Logo Design Monster

on 03 March, 2010
at 10:14 PM

avatar Bene

I really like the use of different colour tones within the logo/s that looks amazing. The logo also has a really nice shape to it too. Thanks for sharing an a great article and an excellent logo.

7. Kelly Sims

on 08 March, 2010
at 01:20 AM

avatar Bene

Great post! Love seeing the process here, and the final result is just fantastic!

8. Benedikte Vanderweeën

on 09 March, 2010
at 05:26 PM

avatar Bene

Thanks Kelly, i’m happy you like it.

9. Logo Design

on 26 March, 2010
at 11:37 AM

avatar Bene

you have sense to pick right colour shades on right time.

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on 13 April, 2010
at 09:54 PM

avatar Bene

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11. icon images

on 03 June, 2010
at 07:54 AM

avatar Bene

This is seems to be interesting..Especially the color of logo is quite well..You know redesigning a logo is more or less a matter of maintaining a perfect balance. You should not change a logo in such a way that viewers find it extremely difficult to relate it with your organization.

12. oyun indir

on 03 June, 2010
at 04:37 PM

avatar Bene

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