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Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 14/03/2014

RetroInk is a massive Illustrator pack with a bundle of Graphic Styles from RetroSupply. These add-ons can be used for textures, for type, brushes, swatches etc.. I bought this huge Illustrator Kit from Creative Market and am experimenting with it now. It looks a great way to spice up your designs. A short list of what you receive:
  • 36 graphic styles
  • 8 3D graphic styles with and without shadows
  • 10 subtle texture styles for adding that missing element to your designs
  • 3 double-offset-halftone ink effects (like seen on the RetroInk cover and slide 4)
  • 6 retro line actions for repeating lines in front and behind your text (not pictured here)
  • 8 offset ink actions. Replicates the slight misregistration of print on commercial printers
  • Highly detailed vector halftone texture. Created from real screens
  • Paint can texture. Gives your work the effect of mechanical ink rollers getting stuck
  • Old ink press texture. Simulates uneven ink rollers in 50's commercial printer

Authentic-looking retro printing-press stylings:

RetroPrint Ink RetroPrint RetroLift RetroPrint Lines RetroPrint Grain RetroPrint 3D RetroPrint Paint Can

Watch this brief Vimeo video to see how you can get the most out of it:

RetroInk - "So awesome you can smell the ink!" from Dustin Lee on Vimeo.

Another great Style collection is "Retro Style Textpress" by Sivioco

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