Mar 11

Making a folder for my freelance business

Posted by Benedikte Vanderwee├źn on 11/03/2008

I designed a little folder for my freelance business Bene.This folder describes my business and my services. The folder can be printed on a A4 printer (mine is color laser HP Color LaserJet 3500) and that can be easily updated when some content has to be changed. So I decided to make an A4 folder that can be folded in 3 parts. As a freelancer, it is a good idea to have some printed material but instead of ordering a huge amount of business folders that can be easily outdated, I decided to design and print it myself. Of course, you have some limitations in printing.

bene brochure outside bene brochure inside

Be sure before you start designing, that all content is finished and ready to be imported by Indesign or your layout program. Be sure you have all text, images, photos and illustrations. For this example, all content and illustrations were made by myself. I started by making a new A4 (210mm x 297mm) document in Adobe Indesign CS3, placed in landscape. Size = A4 and the margins set to the margins of my printer, about 20 mm. I divided the paper in 3 parts and marked the folding lines by a 10% light grey vertical line, so I am able to see those lines when the paper is printed. I made a second document (I duplicated the first document in the Pages Palette), for the back of the folder and did the same setup for this document.

I made the same folder for a client, De Noordboom, the concept is the same, but the folder was printed by a professional printing service and had to be printed in a big amount.

Brochure_Denoordboom01 Brochure_Denoordboom02

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