Sep 08

Drawing a map in Illustrator

Posted by Benedikte Vanderwee├źn on 08/09/2016

I'm currently in the drawing process of a map in Illustrator. In fact, it's a series of maps. The maps need to be in good print quality and also available online in a pdf. I searched for a good solution to cover both needs. Obviously, you go to Google Maps and take a screenshot of your map and location but this results in poor quality as the screenshot has a low resolution. I found some work arounds - i tried "my maps on Google" but the quality for print is not what i was looking for, it was poor quality and poor adjustment options. So i decided to draw them myself in Adobe Illustrator with the Google Map as a template layer as a starting point. I found some good, short video tutorials on how to create roads, rivers and labels in your maps:

Drawing Roads on Simple Maps in Illustrator

Drawing Rivers on Simple Maps in Illustrator

Responsive Labels in Illustrator

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