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Imagine you want a feature rich website with lots of different contenttypes. You as a website owner want to maintain the website yourself and regularly add new content, but most popular blog and/or CMS systems either need dozens of plugins to make the site work, don't have the design flexibility you want, or won't give you what you're trying to achieve without hours of development effort.

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Expression Engine's slogan "Say hello to the most flexible web publishing system you'll ever meet" says it all really. Forget building your site within the constraints of the CMS, now you can use the CMS to power your site!

Designing your website the way you want it

Unlike most other CMS's, ExpressionEngine (EE) doesn't impose any design assumptions. Instead it provides a full XHTML/CSS templating system so we can create everything exactly how you want it with no restrictions.

Need a different look and feel for your website or some part of it? No problem, we create a new template and it's available for you to use. To make maintenance effort low we also create "include" files for things like headers, footers, content blocks, menu's and just about anything else you can think of!

Managing your content with Expression Engine

Nearly all website content is divided into logical sections, for instance a blog, product's catalogue, news,… Within EE (ExpressionEngine) these sections are known as "Weblogs" - don't be fooled by the 'blog' word, think of these as groups for different types of content. We can create as many Weblogs as you want or need.

List of entries in ExpressionEngine

EE makes no assumptions on how you structure your content types, in fact we define what you need using custom fields. Let's say you have a blog, you probably want input fields for title, summary and full article - no problem, we set up those fields for your blog section. Now let's say you want a products section, what we'd do is set up a different set of fields such as Title, Code, Description, Price etc - and then assign these fields to your Products Weblog and you can fill this section without a breeze.

Edit an entry in ExpressionEngine

Going even further you can also categorize your content. Imagine being able to use the same category relationships for your blogs, products and faqs, then mixing and matching how you display content. As an example you might have a product category and you want to show related content from your blogs and faq's on the same page - all easily done.

Authors and members

A powerful feature of Expression Engine is it's Member related functions. Using these you can create Member Groups each with different levels of access. You might want to let your staff add, edit or moderate content, or you may want to let registered members add their own content. You can go even further by restricting publishing to specific Weblogs for certain groups so Jack can only write blogs, and Jill can only add products.

Account Details in ExpressionEngine

Of course Member Groups can also be used to restrict access to parts of your site. For instance you might have an area for registered members to view private content, EE makes this very easy to achieve and even gives you more than one way to do it!

Outputting your content

EE's tagging system makes it easy to control every single item of content, whether it's a blog post, list of products, or the author's birthday! We can define what to show, how many items, and in what order - if you want to show your latest seven blog posts on your products listing page, or a random product on your blog page, it's easily accomplished.

And there's more, much more!

We've hardly scratched the surface in this page, EE has a huge variety of features which can be utilised on your site.

You won't find thousands of plugins as you will for other CMS's, mainly because Expression Engine does most of it right out the box! There are expansions, modules, plugins and extensions available for specific tasks or we can develop custom made features.

Who uses Expression Engine?

Thousands of websites are powered by EE, it's pretty much aimed at the companies who want total freedom to design, build, structure and present a content based web site. Unlike "plug 'n' play" CMS's it does require some planning and organisation, especially for bigger sites, but hey... that's why you know us!

Don't worry about upgrades anymore!

We've all heard of Open Source systems falling over or spitting out errors after an upgrade. In that respect EE is a bit like Apple's Mac - "it just works". Upgrades are painless, you or your visitors won't even notice when we have applied one!

Don't worry about security issues anymore!

Expression Engine has only had one serious security issue in the last few years (impressive!), and that was fixed within hours of it being found.

Expression Pro Network Member

We are using ExpressionEngine since 2007 and are proud member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network since 2009!

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