The design process of the Digimeter report and poster.

Posted by Benedikte Vanderweeën on 24/06/2012 at 06:38 PM 

Last week, i finished the design of the Digimeter Report, Wave 4 and a poster that is published together with the report Wave 4.
In this post, i give an insight in the design process i did for the different chapters of the report, the illustration work of the profiles, the icons i used to illustrate the different chapters, the info graphics i made, the reworked cover page, the reworked logo, the poster design and the color and fonts choices i made in this project.


What is Digimeter?

Adoption and usage of Media & ICT in Flanders

IBBT’s Digimeter is an annual monitoring of a representative set of at least 800 inhabitants of Flanders regarding their usage and possession of (new) media and ICT. Setting-up the Digimeter study, collecting the data and analyzing the data are carried out by IBBT - iLab.o, the Living Lab division of IBBT. For this fourth Digimeter-survey 1560 Flemish were surveyed in the period August 2011-November 2011.

The Brief

In the brief I was asked to design the overall style for the chapters in the report. Because the report holds a lot of graphs and statistical data, it was an important factor to keep the data user-friendly and easy to read. Another important part was the design of infographics to show the reader the results of a subject.In the report, 5 profiles are described and i had to give the profiles a "personality" with some illustration to show what their media habits contain.

Another important factor was to keep the style in sync with the existing website and the previous published reports.

Style Guide

Some directions before starting...

Before i started, i defined the colors i was going to use for the different chapters together with an icon i designed for each chapter. Next to that, i had to define the colors for the 5 profiles and give them character. But first, i started to rework the logo for the cover. I placed the logo in a badge and made it larger so that the 6 chapter icons could float around the logo badge, the centre of the report.

The final cover for the report with reworked logo

The report contains 6 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: TV
  • Chapter 2: Computer
  • Chapter 3: Mobile devices
  • Chapter 4: Internet
  • Chapter 5: Gaming
  • Chapter 6: Traditionale Media

the color choices for the 6 chapters

Six different chapters with accordingly the 6 different icons and colors

The profiles were defined as:

  • Profile 1: Channel-switching, functional media consumer
  • Profile 2: New media freak
  • Profile 3: Avid traditional media user
  • Profile 4: Digital illiterate
  • Profile 5: Professional multitasker

the illustration for the profiles

Five personalities given character with colors and symbols

The fonts

At the initial meeting, we discussed the font we could use to have an excellent legibility both on- and offscreen - the report is also printed and distributed as a paper report. For the body text, we decided not to use Helvetica Neue but go for FF Tisa, a beautiful font designed by Mitja Miklavčič. An excellent font to use for both screen and print work.

The fonts i used throughout the report are:


Data representation

Before i started designing the info graphics, i started a Pinterest Board to gather some inspiration on data representation.

It took me a while to understand all data and the graphs that were send to me before i got the results. I spent a lot of time with the Illustrator graph tool before i finally got the graphs. I find the Illustrator graph tool not very intuitive and some features are missing imho.

I set up 2 background colors: 1 dark brown and another beige to use for every graph and infographic. Every chapter has a result info graphic that represents the results in time (morning - noon - evening), place (home-school-work-transport) and date (week-weekend). Here i tried to keep my color palette as minimal and consistent as possible so that every change or element that is important pops out.


Global style for styling infographics

The Poster

The last part of the project, was to design a poster that give the reader in a clear way the state of the report. So, for the design, i divided a A1-format poster into 3 equal parts. In the upper part, i placed the results over the last research years, the middle part is a representation of the digimeter report with the 6 chapters floating round it with a short description of each chapter and the corresponding results. In the bottom part, i placed the profiles.

There were some minor color changes to the profiles for clarity reason.

Digimeter Wave 4 Poster

The final poster (format A1)

The Report

Download the report

If you want to read the Digimeter report Wave 4, it is available for download on the Digimeter website  Digimeter Report 4.

Thanks for reading and a huge thanks to Sofie, Carina and Sabine for the wise advice and support throughout this project!

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