Email Marketing

Email Marketing (aka mail marketing) is one of the most important communication tools to inform your (potential) customers about your business and attrack traffic to your website. Some advantages:

  • Very cheap compared to direct mail
  • You have an active role in the spreading of your message
  • Very short delivery time, your newsletter is delivered within minutes if required
  • You can measure the success and penetration of your e-mail marketing campaigns

BENE offers a very easy and budget friendly email marketing platform called BeneMailer. Some of the features of BeneMailer:

  • Very user friendly, within minutes you're able to send out your first newsletter
  • Built-in scheduler for automated delivery of your mail marketing campaign on the date and time you want it to be delivered
  • Automated bounce handling system so you don't have to bother about mails that could not be delivered or are returned with an error
  • Professional newsletter layout based on your corporate identity
  • Online management via accessible 24/7
  • Detailed reporting on the results of your email marketing campaign (who read my newsletter, what links where clicked, what newsletters were bounced, etc)
  • Simple subscription form integration in your (existing) website
  • Capable of handling all volumes (from 10 up to more than 100.000 subscribers)
  • Low cost (more than 20 times cheaper than direct mail)

Be sure to visit our Flickr set on BeneMailer to view some detailed screenshots!