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Jan 14

9 basic principles of responsive web design

Some basic principles of responsive web design.

Jan 11

The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient Adobe Illustrator Users

Seven ways you can automate or eliminate monotonous, repetitive tasks, so you can focus on being more creative and productive.

Jan 10

Website Style Guide Resources

Nice collection of style guides.

Apr 28

One Feed For All Your Interests

Interesting read and case study analysis about Prismatic

Apr 27


Good article about the design and new visual identity for Codeacademy made by Pentagram

Apr 21

Snap SVG

Snap.svg is a brand new JavaScript library for working with SVG, for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap.

Mar 11

CSS Linear, Radial and Repeating Gradients

Using gradients declared in CSS. Great article explaining why.

Feb 17

iOS Icon Gallery

Beautiful gallery with iOS icons. Original!

Feb 13

Illustration concept art

Great Pinterest board with a collection of concept art for famous movies.

Feb 12

Getting started with pattern libraries

Excellent article in which Anna Debenham explains the work she did for the ALA pattern library. She also gives a link to her own bookmarks for pattern libraries: Gimme Bar collection of pattern libraries

Feb 10

iOS 7 Colors

iOS 7 inspired colors and gradients reference site

Feb 02

Pattern Library

Excellent style guide/pattern library reference Code For America.

Dec 06


Collection of background images

Dec 04


Ixxi is a unique design system to link cards with plastic crosses to one image. Upload your favorite image and choose a design product

Oct 31

Paula Scher on the Great Discontent

Paula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design for four decades ...

Sep 19

Finding the hidden talents of everyday things

Interesting talk by the talented graphic designer Kelli Anderson on Webstock

Aug 18

Open Brand

A brand service described as a smart home for all your logos, designs and other creative stuff.

Jun 06

Google Visual Assets Guidelines

Google's brand explained in detailed visual assets on Behance.

May 14

Styleguide & Boilerplate Patterns

Common Patterns in Styleguides, Boilerplates and Pattern Libraries

Apr 24

Market hall in ghent

Beautiful overview of the new market hall building in Ghent by Robbrecht and Daem architects + marie-josé van hee.
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